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Trees play a critical role in both residential and commercial living spaces. First, trees emit oxygen that is good for human survival. The second advantage of trees is that they help in building a beautiful living and working environment. Planting trees is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a cool residential or working atmosphere. These plantations can also help in reducing soil erosion within your living environment. However, you must make sure that you take good care of your trees if you want them to give you the best service. One of the best ways to care for your precious trees is trimming.

Tree Trimming-1-Ft Lauderdale Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

When it comes to caring for your trees, there are two types of removing unwanted branches. The first one is the one you undertake becomes you fear the branches are a hazard to human beings of your property. In this first case, we are talking about pruning. In other cases, you remove branches from a tree because you understand that the exercise will enhance the health of your tree and its longevity. This second practice is what we refer to as trimming. Hope you now understand the difference between pruning and trimming because most people misinterpret these terms. The theme of this article revolves around tree trimming and not pruning.

Is Tree Trimming Important

According to arborists, trees that have pest-ridden, diseased, and dead limbs should have the branches removed with immediate effect. These experts also argue that the best time to prune your trees is during the transition from winter to spring. Most trees will experience a ‘return to life’ surge before the buds start to open and this helps them to heal at a quicker pace from the injuries. This could be the best time to carefully trim your trees.

It is not wise to prune your trees during periods that are extremely hot, cold, or very dry. The heat will make sap flow at a faster speed and injuries that result from pruning can result in an excess loss of sap. On the other hand, the cold will cause the sap to flow at a slower pace and may make the injury remain open because the protective sap ‘callous’ will not form over it. Dry periods also have a similar problem because there isn’t enough sap to go around.

How to Trim

In case you are trimming your trees for health reasons, you will have to make sure that you cut the branches as close to the base as possible. Be keen to make sure that you don’t leave behind a stub but also don’t remove excess bark from the remaining body of your trees. Topping i.e. cutting off the large branches haphazardly or the whole top of the tree is not a brilliant idea. If you wish to remove a simple fork of a split tree, you have to work from the outside in.

You have to prune down the branches of that forks until you only have the fork of the trunk remaining. You can then cut -off the fork a half an inch or more away from the body of the main trunk. It will minimize the possibility of creating a wound that is extremely large. Such wounds will have a lot of trouble healing and will endanger the future of your tree.

When you are performing this type of tree trimming, you will not just be cutting the branches. You have to make sure that you maintain the shape and proportion of your tree while enhancing its overall health. Like the way things happen in nature, trees have the best performance when they are balanced and symmetrical. Art comes in handy at this point.

Hire Tree Trimming Professionals

If you don’t have the right tree trimming skills, it is wise to entrust this responsibility to Fort Lauderdale Top Tree Removal Services. These experts will trim your trees in a way that will improve the aesthetics and overall health. In case the damage is not limited to one or two branches, the experts may advise you to remove the whole tree.

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