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Trees are good because they make your lawn or backyard more appealing to the eye. However, when you cut a tree, you will remain with a stump that does not create the same aesthetic appeal. Tree stump removal is a good practice because it gives your lawn a uniform look. The only challenge is how to remove these tree stumps. The root system of some trees like the oak is deep while others like the silver maples tend to have shallow roots. This article sheds light on the best way to remove tree stumps. Professionals choose any of these techniques depending on the unique needs of your project.

Tree Stump Removal-1-Ft Lauderdale Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

Stump Grinding

In some instances, you can cause structural damages to your building by digging out a tree stump. At this point, stump grinding comes in handy. The stump grinder has a spinning blade [land clearing fort lauderdale]  and tipped teeth that will chew all the tree stumps away.  One thing you need to understand is that stump grinder have a depth limitation in their work. Most of them penetrate the ground up to ten to twelve inches. In case you don’t own a grinder, you can employ Fort Lauderdale Top Tree Removal Services to work on the project or rent the equipment. There should be no kids or people standing nearby when working with a grinder because the spinning blades make debris fly all over the place. It is advisable to hand over this exercise to experts.

Hand Digging

Hand digging is only appropriate when dealing with small and shallow-rooted trees. Some of the common tools that you will require include a root saw, winch, shovel, hoe, and axe. The initial step is to dig around the stump so as to expose its’ roots and then use a root saw or axe to cut them. After this, you can use a winch to pull out the tree stump from the ground. Note that the winch can turn into a dangerous and powerful weapon if you don’t anchor it properly. Professional tree removal services know how to handle this process in the best way possible.

Chemical Stump Removal

If you wish to avoid a lot of physical work, you may decide to use chemicals in removing the tree stumps. However, you have to note that chemicals take a long time to decompose the tree stump. Most of the chemicals that perform this role use potassium nitrate as the main active ingredient.  To apply these chemicals, drill holes in the tree stumps approximately eight to ten inches deep. Place the chemicals in these holes and add some water to make sure that the active compounds will penetrate to the furthest point in the stump. Remember to cover these stumps so that your kids and pets won’t lick these toxic chemical mixtures accidentally.


In addition to the methods that we have described above, you may decide to burn the tree stump out of the ground. The method works perfectly when you combine it with chemical applications because it renders the stump more porous. Before you start the fire, there should be no materials that can easily catch fire around. You don’t want to end up burning your neighborhood. It is wise to build a makeshift stove around the tree stump before starting the fire.

It is not hard to remove tree stumps after you cut a tree. The most common methods to use include chemicals, fire, stump grinding, and digging. Once you hire professional [tree stump removal fort lauderdale] tree stump removal services, they will recommend the best to apply in your case. The good thing about using Fort Lauderdale Top Tree Removal Services is that they will create a beautiful yard or garden.

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