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When you perform careful and regular pruning, the response of your landscape will be vigorous and healthy growth. This task is critical, but certain pruning elements can either help or harm your trees. This explains why it is essential to entrust tree pruning in the hands of professionals. If you carry out this activity at the wrong time, you may cause more harm than good to the trees.

Tree Pruning-1-Ft Lauderdale Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

Choose the Right Timing

The right time to prune your trees depends on the species of every individual tree. You may end up causing injuries to your tree if you undertake this activity at the wrong time. As a thumb rule, the best time for tree pruning is when the crops are not growing actively. This dormant period would be the season when the deciduous varieties don’t have leaves. Dormancy also takes place before new growth vigorously begins to take place.

In most cases, it usually is during the spring period of the year. As you select the best time for tree pruning, avoid clipping during cold temperatures. The reason is that such off-seasons can also lead to injuries to your trees. In case you are dealing with flowering trees which bloom during the spring, you need to clip after the fading of the clip. For trees that produce blossoms in the end or middle of the summer, prune them in the early spring or late winter.

Assess the Growth

Checking how your tree is growing will help you to understand the branches that you need to chop off. Therefore, you need to take sufficient time to examine the placement and growth of your branches. Strong branches that have U-shaped angles are great for the health of your plants. On the contrary, weak branches that have V-shaped angles are obvious candidates for removal. Remove all the branches that rub and cross against each other as this can lead to infections. Locate all the lateral branches on your trees and eliminate any that are over a halt to three-quarters original branch’s diameter. Make sure that the lateral growth that is remaining is spaced evenly.

Proceed Keenly

Take your time and make sure you proceed cautiously while pruning your trees. Before you start and at some ongoing intervals during the pruning process, take some steps back to see how it is looking and what you still need to do. Don’t remove over one-quarter of the whole crown at once because it can lead to significant damages. If you would like to remove more than this, spread your pruning to a period of over one year to block any negative consequences. If the situation forces you to remove more than this, you need to spread your tree trimming to a period of over one year to avoid these adverse effects.

Skip Trimming

There are times when it is not good to prune your trees. For instance, if you realize decay or disease spreading over the branches or trunk of your tree, don’t perform any kind of pruning. Clipping at such a time may spread the disease quickly over the whole crop system. Besides, if you notice any signs of seeping wounds, you have to avoid trimming till the moisture dries up.

Get Professional Assistance

There are some situations under which you have to employ the services of tree pruning professionals to help you with this task. In case you are not sure about how to carry out this exercise, Fort Lauderdale Top Tree Removal Services will help you out. If the tree is large and calls for the use of a chain saw or ladder, it is wise to employ the services of a professional.

Regular pruning will keep your landscape healthy and neat. It is good to perform this task on an ongoing basis if you want it to be less complicated and time-consuming.

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