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If you have a section of unusable land that you would like to start using, the initial step is land clearing. Land clearing can be a huge task whether you are clearing the land for a shed, new house, or gardening. Professionals [tree removal fort lauderdale] can clear the land and make it usable whether it is full of rocks, furrows, brambles, or trees. Here are some of the land clearing tips that you need to know.

Land Clearing-1-Ft Lauderdale Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

Get Professional Assistance of an Equipment

One thing you need to understand is that land clearing is not for the faint-hearted. The amount of work that you need even on a small lot can be enormous. This task should be at the bottom of the list when you think about DIY projects. Some of the tools you will need are hand tools (crowbar, pickaxe, and shovel), a chain saw, and a bulldozer or skid steer loader. The project can run you from a few hours to several weeks depending on the type of rocks, trees, and bushes that you are clearing. The duration also depends on the type of equipment that you are using.

The chain saw that you are using should have sharp mails to fell the trees. Remember you will be cutting these trees into manageable logs to carry away from the land you are clearing. This task can be extremely dangerous if you don’t have the right training. If you would like to use the land that you are clearing, you will also have to remove the stumps. You cannot use your hands to remove these stumps and hence you will need an excavator or stump grinder. It is wise to allow professionals who have the right experience in using this equipment to work on the task.

Use the Trees and Not Just Timbering Them

Before you embark on land clearing, assess the trees to calculate their value. If your property has rear hardwoods, some timber money can pay a good amount of money to get this wood. If you have trees like the Black Walnut, Ash, and Eastern Red Cedar, you can cut them in logs and sell them to a timbering company for profits. 

Several factors will determine the price you will get from these trees. You will also get several sell options for non-valuable wood. Some firms buy and grind it to wood chips that they use as fuel or mulch. You can also use them as fuel in wood-burning power plants. Some people can also use wood as firewood. After removing the wood, remember that you will have to deal with the leftover branches by yourself. Hiring a land clearing company [tree removal service fort lauderdale] is good because it will clean up all the mess and leave your land ready for use.

Acquire the Required Permits

The process of land clearing is disruptive to the environment and hence you have to do it in a safe and responsible manner. In most states, you will have to get a permit before clearing the land. The State officers who are in charge of the environment will have to come and approve your project. Don’t do this task without the right permits because it can turn into a criminal offense. Land clearing companies like Fort Lauderdale Top Tree Removal Services can help you to get these permits within the shortest time possible.  

From this discussion, you will discover that land clearing is not an easy task. It is good to entrust it in the hands of professionals if you want to get the best results. The process of land clearing also involves other tasks like stump grinding and tree removal. Fort Lauderdale Top Tree Removal Services will make sure that you have the best results possible.

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