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Hazardous weather situations can make your trees fall or create situations that are extremely dangerous. Because of this, you need to remove any dead trees or declining trees that are close to your residential or commercial property before the windy storm potentially knocks them down. Several trees fall on power lines, structures, buildings, automobiles, and houses every year. Most people who experience these situations don’t know what they need to do. You may ask yourself several questions because of such incidences.

Emergency Tree Removal-1-Ft Lauderdale Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

In most cases, the insurance company will meet the bill for emergency tree removal. The tree may fall on structures such as a fence, shed, house, or car. Therefore, you need to contact your home insurance company for assistance. Most insurance companies have listed emergency tree removal brands that homeowners need to use. The company will always give you a free estimate for doing the work. In some cases, the insurance company will give you a general contractor whose responsibility will be to handle all the elements of repair together with getting the right tree service.

If your residence is locating in an HOA, the representatives of the association will handle the situation. In most cases, the burden will fall on the homeowner and a tree company that has a speedy response with the ability to perform the task fast while delivering high-quality. If the tree falls on the building’s roof, you will need a crane to remove it. Therefore, you will need an emergency tree removal company that has a fully-staffed crane operator and their own machines to handle this exercise.

In case the tree falls on your house, you need to remove it within three hours after the incidence. However, it can be tricky when you have a heavy downpour in the middle of the night and darkness is everywhere. In such cases, experts put a tarp on the home or block off the section of the house that is damaged until daylight. These experts can complete their work when the sun rises in the morning. There are different scenarios for emergency tree removal and we have several local tree removal experts that are readily available for you. After removing the fallen tree from your house, contractors will enclose and fix any damages on your roof. A different contractor who is separate from the tree removal expert will fix your roof.

Suppose it was the tree of your neighbor that fell on your house? Who will be responsible for these costs? This situation can be dicey because neighbors want to be in good relationships with each other at all times. Technically speaking, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove any tree that falls on their house even if it belongs to the neighbor. However, your neighbor should be responsible if he was negligent and refused to remove a hazardous tree from their compounds even after you had informed them of the same. If this is the case, you can comfortably pass this burden to them. You can also make a clean-up arrangement with your neighbor on a mutual agreement.

Tree removal companies should have the right equipment and expertise to perform a complicated exercises like emergency tree removal. We have witnessed several incidences where storms sweep through the United States forcing huge trees to fall. The tree service industry is among the most dangerous careers all over the world. Therefore, you need to hire a fully insured and licensed professional to carry out this exercise. You can sustain major injuries or even lose your life in the business of tree service. Fort Lauderdale Top Tree Removal Services have the right experience and equipment to handle emergency tree removal.

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